Skyward Family Access will be replacing as our parent and student portal.  Using Skyward, you’ll be able to access all kinds of information about your student, including:


Each family will have one Skyward account that will work for all of your students—even if you have students at more than one school!  That means only one user name and one password!  When you log in, you’ll be able to select which students’ records you want to view.  And for those of you who are familiar with K12Planet, you’ll appreciate yet another great feature in Skyward—you’ll be able to retrieve your own lost passwords!


Classroom Assignments

Teachers will continue to use their teacher Web pages for communicating information about upcoming assignments.  Thus the best way to get to Skyward is to first visit the teacher Web page, and then click on the link for Skyward Family Access.  Each teacher will post a link for Skyward on their Web page when Family Access becomes available.


Accessing Your Account

We are still in the process of creating Skyward Family Access accounts.  As soon as they are created, we will be sending each family’s login credentials through the US Mail.  We hope to have this ready by mid September.  We will post a message on the JMS Web site when those mailings begin. 


Update Your Information

Please update your postal mailing address as well as your email address with the school by contacting the JMS Guidance Office. 


Skyward login information will be sent to the mailing address on record with the school, so having the correct address is very important.


One of the great tools in Skyward is that teachers have the ability to email parents directly from their gradebook program with just the click of a button.  This only works though if we have an up to date email address for the parent.


Skyward Student Access

Students will have their own access to a separate account where they will be able to view their grades and other information.  Student login information will be distributed to them during homeroom class when those accounts become available—again, probably in mid September.



If you have any questions about Skyward Family Access or Skyward Student Access, please contact Tracy Weber (